K-mean Clustering

K-means algorithm explores for a preplanned number of clusters in an unlabelled multidimensional dataset, it concludes this via an easy interpretation of how an optimized cluster can be expressed.

Primarily the concept would be in two steps;

  • Firstly, the cluster centre is the arithmetic mean (AM) of all the data…

Task Description 📄

📌 In continuation of task 7.1 you need to Integrate Kubernetes commands that can be run through webUI created by you.

👉 This time create webUI page as such that using normal English conversation your all commands can run in background.

Example — when we write ‘run…

⚙️ Task 7.1 -

📌 In this task you have to create a Web Application for Docker (one of the great Containerization Tool which provides the user Platform as a Service (PaaS)) by showing your own creativity and UI/UX designing skills to make the webportal user friendly.

📌 This app…

Task Description 📄

❄️ Create a program that perform below mentioned task upon recognizing a particular face.

📌 When it recognize your face then -

👉 It send mail to your mail id by writing this is face of your name.

👉 Second it send WhatsApp message to your friend…

In this blog we will going to create a video chat between two system without audio using a python library cv2 , So lets start with some of the python library which we will be using in these process.


OpenCV-Python is a library of Python bindings designed to solve computer…

In this blog first we will discuss about confusion matrix ,and after that we understand how it help us to understand the cyber crime cases.

What is confusion matrix

A confusion matrix is a summary of prediction results on a classification problem.

The number of correct and incorrect predictions are summarized with count values…

Task Description 📄

📌 GUI container on the Docker

🔅 Launch a container on docker in GUI mode

🔅 Run any GUI software on the container

We will proceed step by step


First we have to pull image using command# docker pull image_name
after that we have to launch container , but normally container…

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